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The HP Fanart Project

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The Harry Potter Fanart Project

This project is a collaboration of artists throughout the Harry Potter fandom. The goal is to have two illustrations per chapter for each of the Harry Potter books, and have them bound into a keepsake book, which will be sent to JK Rowling.

Our very special thanks to the illustrious ali_wildgoose, who's Letterbox Project inspired us.

All participating artists are encouraged to join hp_fanartists as well, as that is where this idea originated. It is a wonderful resource for the artists in our fandom.

Questions? Want More Information?

Read the FaQ

Please check out the Project's Website for lists of those approved for extensions, those on the waiting list, and other information.

If you want to join please e-mail anakinbester @ hotmail (dot) com and put HP-Art-project in the title.